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Gina Fava is the author of two suspense novels set in Italy, The Race and The Sculptor. She freelances too, sharing stories she's gathered roaming Italy in search of her characters' favorite wines. Visit her website at GinaFava.com and connect via Facebook and Twitter.

The Italian Mercato: Finding Treasures Everywhere

Campo de' Fiori in Rome.

Just like fresh air revitalizes the soul, open air markets stimulate the senses. Rain or shine, tented tables regularly bring neighbors, tourists, and communities together from spring to fall, providing a taste of Earth’s bounty and a vast assortment of handmade collectibles and vintage wares. Grab your family and meet your friends at an open air market, because a visit is not always about what objects you procure but rather the experience you’ll savor. Crates overflowing with just-ripened fruits and vegetables, iced pallets of succulent seafood pulled from the water earlier that morning, and bunches of aromatic flowers at the ...

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Italians Take Their Superstitions Seriously


I remember my grandmother’s panicked reaction to my nearly knocking a large mirror from a wall as a child. It wasn’t the cleanup or the possible injury she feared from it shattering to the floor. It was the fate of her granddaughter, strapped with seven long years of bad luck that would ensue from a broken mirror. When it happened, my nana set the mirror aside, hugged me tight, wiped the nervous perspiration from her nose, and walked me to her kitchen to find something sweet to eat. I’ll never forget it. Italian culture is rich with superstitions, both good ...

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The Game of Bocce, Yesterday and Today

Playing bocce in the North End.

Bocce is a competitive sport, a strategic game, and a leisurely pastime, all rolled into one ever-popular activity. Dating back to the Roman Empire, bocce, in all its derivations, has since captured the hearts of players and spectators the world over, no matter the age or skill level, where the objective is to roll balls on a court as close to a target ball as possible to score points. And, if you peek into some of the backyards or parking lots of local hangouts across America, it seems the popularity of bocce has recently shifted into high gear, especially in ...

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Introducing Un Momento!, with Author Gina Fava


Do you ever chuckle when you notice old-fashioned things from the past that have coaxed their way into the present? Isn’t it funny that the Nutella that could only be found in your Nonna’s pantry which she’d brought back from Italy in her suitcase is now found on every grocery shelf in America? I smile at the sweater that my dad handed down to me — a wool pullover he’d outgrown that his grandmother had knit him — because now my teenage daughter wears it skiing. You know the bocce courts behind some of the bars in Boston… Un momento! ...

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