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Marjorie Eisenach brings a unique perspective to the Italian travel experience, drawing from her years spent residing, working and traveling in Italy. She helps American and British travelers build their Italian language skills and learn about Italian culture, sites and events so they can get the most out of their time spent in the country. She currently lives in Minneapolis where she teaches Italian language courses and helps travelers prepare for visiting Italy. Marjorie earned her M.A. in Italian and her B.A. in Italian and International Relations from the University of Wisconsin. Additionally, she studied at the University of Bologna, focusing on Italian literature and political science. For more information, visit www.ItalyandItalian.com.

A Few Lessons on Learning Italian


After reading an interesting article, I decided to come clean on my relationship with learning Italian.

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Enjoying Siena After Sixty


Siena is one of Italy’s most beautiful medieval cities, well worth a trip even if you are only in Tuscany for a few days.

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Spoleto: Trekking In and Out of Town


We chose to stay in Spoleto for six days because of its location in southern Umbria. We were not disappointed.

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Puglia Quickly Becoming Hot Destination for Wine Seekers


One of Wine Spectator’s top ten picks for this year’s hottest wine destinations is Puglia, the heel and spur of the Italian boot.

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A tour of the Vatican Library


Through the auspices of a good friend, we were given a guided tour of the Vatican Library. What an amazing highlight for a book lover!

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The Five P’s of Parma


We have loved visiting Parma for many years and have often wondered why it is not more frequented by tourists.

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Trieste — Home of Writers


I knew Trieste had been important in the development of James Joyce as a writer, but I was also intrigued to visit this city that had been home to several famous Italian writers like Umberto Saba and Italo Svevo.

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Napoli: I love you, then I hate you, and then I love you


Marjorie Eisenach shares her experiences with all things Italian during her international travels. Italy’s third largest city is very different from Rome and Milan. It is a unique hybrid, at times reminding me of a Moroccan souk, with its dark warrens of crowded streets, and even a bit of what Manhattan looked like before the big clean up in the 1980s. Waves of invaders from Greeks to Bourbons once ruled Naples and it still bears witness to Greek, Roman, and Spanish influence. Some of Europe’s best archeological sites lie scattered around the Bay of Naples and the jaw-droppingly beautiful Amalfi ...

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Three gems of the Amalfi Coast


The Amalfi Coast, which lies on the southern side of the Sorrentine peninsula, can rightfully claim to be Europe’s most beautiful coastline.

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Dunne and Crescenzi, It’s Italy at your Dublin Doorstep


We had an outstanding lunch at Dunne and Crescenzi in the heart of Dublin, a lively restaurant located close to Trinity College.

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Looking for Authentic Pizza While in London


What do you do when you have landed in London and are staying for a while before journeying on to Napoli for la vera pizza napoletana?

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