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Celtics’ Garnett to Buy Into A.S. Roma

With a shortened NBA season packed with back-to-back games, the Boston Celtics will be awfully busy for next several months. But the tight schedule is not holding back C’s forward Kevin Garnett from investing overseas in one of Italy’s top soccer teams: A.S. Roma.

Roma was recently purchased by a group of investors led by Boston-based Thomas DiBenedetto (Red Sox). Celtics owner James Pallotta also has a stake in Roma.

Kevin Garnett (original photo by Keith Allison)

Roma confirmed to The Associated Press that Garnett accepted an offer from James Pallotta, one of the four Boston executives who closed a deal in August to become the first foreign majority owners of a Serie A club, according to the Washington Post.

The Boston-based ownership group – NEEP Holding (which stands for their North End, Everett, and Peabody bases) is hoping to elevate Roma, which last won the Serie A scudetto in 2001, by increasing its global popularity and seeking to move the team out of the Stadio Olimpico to a new stadium, the Boston Globe reports.

Garnett is a knowledgeable soccer fan, close with prominent international players such as Didier Drogba of Chelsea, and plays the game as part of his off-season conditioning program.

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