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BU Artist in Residence Pierluigi Billone to Host Forums, Concerts


AS part of its ongoing artist-in-residency program, Boston University’s Center for New Music will host Italian composer Pierluigi Billone for three weeks starting March 18, giving local audiences several chances to witness the maestro’s unique approach to music. …his radical methods have led him to explore unchartered soundworlds and to develop idiosyncratic instrumental and vocal techniques. Nevertheless, the concurrent roots of these sources of inspirations lie in an archaic world – a sacred universum – where, as if for him, the most progressive standpoint of modernity would be when music itself reaches its own phenomenal essence.” (Philippe Albéra) The residency ...

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Boston MFA welcomes Leonardo Da Vinci


The Renaissance is coming to the Museum of Fine Arts! Starting April 15, Boston’s MFA will host for two months an intimate exhibition featuring drawings by Leonardo da Vinci. Titled “Leonardo da Vinci and the Idea of Beauty,” the exhibition’s centerpiece will be the study of an angel, which art historian Sir Kenneth Clark has called “the most beautiful in the world.” Leonardo da Vinci’s accomplishments in art and science find their common ground in his drawings, into which he poured the full fervor of his intelligence and creative powers. Throughout his career, the Renaissance master experimented with various types ...

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Lisa Borgiani Brings her Branded Art to Boston


Italian artist Lisa Borgiani was recently hired by Cambridge-based CliniWorks to come up with a visual inspiration for the technology company. Mixing photography and painting, the Verona native captured the company’s core mission of digitizing clinical records by creating strings of data that weave into a spiraling tunnel. “It all comes to form a circle, the symbol of life,” said Borgiani. A few years back, the artist launched her “LuminousBrand Soul” project, in which she tries to encapsulate a company in a work of art. For more on Borgiani and her work, visit www.lisaborgiani.com.

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Roman in the Provinces: Art on the Periphery of Empire

Egypt, 5th–6th century CE
Wool on linen, 18 x 21 cm
Donald and Barbara Tellalian, 1982-02500

Opening February 14, the Boston College exhibit presents a vast array of textiles, inscriptions, sculpture, glass, coins, and pottery from the 2nd–6th century to explore the lives and experiences of people living in the provinces through evidence gleaned from their material culture.

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Eva Respini Named Boston ICA’s Chief Curator


Boston’s Institute of Contemporary Art recently appointed Eva Respini as its new chief curator. The daughter of an Italian father and Norwegian mother, Respini will be leaving her post as curator of the Department of Photography at New York’s Museum of Modern Art to join the booming local cultural landscape. “I think the curatorial landscape in Boston is in transition,” she said, “with the newly opened Harvard Museums, the relatively new team at MIT’s List Visual Art Center and the MFA’s modern and contemporary wing — and I look forward to being a part of that.” Respini, 38, has lived ...

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Raphael’s The Cowper Madonna at Worcester Art Museum


The Small Cowper Madonna by Raphael, will be at Worcester's Art Museum between Jan. 24-Sept. 27.

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Gruppuso, Prezioso Team Up to Record Song in Boston


Two rising musical stars finally had the chance to get together in Boston and work on a long-planned collaboration. During a recent visit to Boston, Italian singer Paola Gruppuso had the chance to record her latest single, “Tonight,” with local songwriter and producer Vinny Prezioso. A recent graduate of Berklee College of Music, Prezioso hails from East Boston and recently finished writing and producing an album with DJ Joe Bermudez, and will see two of his songs featured in the film “Love by Design,” featuring actress Jane Seymour. For more on Vinnie and his work, visit his website: www.vinnyprez.com. A ...

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International Poster Gallery Acquires Two New Italian Posters


The International Poster Gallery recently acquired several new posters, including two designed by Italian artists. Here are the two posters, along with short descriptions: Danielle Buzzi, Lugano – Southern Switzerland, 1952 Born in 1890 and strongly influenced by Matisse and other Fauvist artists, Danielle Buzzi was one of the most unique and skilled poster artists from the Italian-speaking southern part of Switzerland. This charming view highlights the traditional ferry boats of Gandria, a historic (and auto-free) village on the northeast side of Lugano. In the distance can be seen Lugano’s famous peak of Monte San Salvatore. This poster was so ...

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Belmont’s Beech Street Center to Revive Salvatore Arnò’s music


On October 26th, classical music for piano and voice by the early 20th century Italian composer Salvatore Arnò, will be performed for the first time this century. During Arnò’s lifetime, he achieved the admiration of his audiences and fellow musicians throughout Italy and in Boston. Newspaper reviews heartily express these sentiments. A representation of his musical repertoire was published at that time; including a collection of solo piano pieces. The remainder of his music, over 300 works, survived only as original handwritten manuscripts, kept in the private collection of his grand-niece, Vena Coco. Stephen Loikith, an active musician and historian ...

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Second Season of L’Italia Chiamò Radio Show Starts Sept. 18

The crew behind L'Italia Chiamò, in their new Gloucester studios (from left: Elisa Meazzini, Stefano Marchese, Gianni Gallo and Emanuele Capoano)

This year, the program conducted by Stefano Marchese, Emanuele Capoano and Elisa Meazzini will air on Thursdays, 3-4:30 p.m. EST

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Peter Sugar Publishes “Impressions of Italy”


Peter C. Sugar’s latest book “Impressions of Italy” is the best way to dive into the country’s rich culture and stunning landscapes through the eyes of an architect. After obtaining his master’s degree in Architecture at MIT, Sugar lived and worked in Italy for eight years, during which he honed his skills in drawing with hundreds of pen and ink ketches of houses, churches, piazzas, gardens, bridges, beaches, ruins and famous landmarks. “I carry a sketchbook with me whenever and wherever I am traveling,” says Sugar. “Impressions of Italy” is a collection of over 100 of the author’s drawings from ...

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Verdi’s ‘La Traviata’ opera classic re-imagined at Boston Lyric Opera


Giuseppe Verdi’s “La traviata” is one of the most performed operas in the world, yet it hasn’t appeared on a Boston Lyric Opera stage for more than a decade. That is, until this October, when the renowned company will stage a production of the classic work, interpreted by some of the country’s rising stars of opera. Five performances will take place from October 10 to 19 at the Shubert Theatre, which will be transformed into the world of Violetta, a French courtesan who risks everything for true love. Not only will patrons enjoy one of the greatest operas of all ...

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