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Eataly officially coming to Boston’s Prudential Center


International food powerhouse Eataly is officially coming to Boston. On June 2, the Boston Globe reported the signing of a lease between Eataly executives and Boston Properties to build a $20 million food emporium at Prudential Center, taking up the entire food court space. Boston would be the Italian mega-food store’s fourth U.S. location (Eataly currently runs two stores in New York and one in Chicago). The brainchild of Italian businessman Oscar Farinetti, who launched the first Eataly in Turin in 2007, the brand has expanded to other countries as well, including Japan, Dubai and Turkey. Thanks to a partnership ...

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Torta di Ricotta (Ricotta Pie)

Torta di ricotta

"Torta di ricotta" is a dessert traditionally made for Easter in Italy. My mom makes it for this holiday, without fail.

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Heroine to the Hungry: Catherine D’Amato


Article and interview by Lou Carlozo, originally published in the June 2015 issue of Corrieretandem. Whether you grow up in the restaurant business or work at a food bank, your role and goal is to serve people so that a very basic need is met. And while many Italian Americans might take one path or the other into the world of food service, Catherine D’Amato knows both. When she was 8, her parents opened an Italian restaurant in California. And while still in college, she began a remarkable journey from theology student to food bank organizer and leader. Today, D’Amato ...

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Not your average veal cutlet: Cotolette alla Milanese

Cotolette alla Milanese (photo ©Francesca Bruzzese)

“I can’t wait to go to Italy. Chicken parmesan is my favorite food ever. I’m going to eat sooo much chicken parmesan when I’m in Italy!” Hmm… not quite. This remark was said to me a couple of years ago by a college classmate who was preparing for a summer vacation in Italy. I kindly explained to her that she would never find chicken parmesan anywhere in Italy, but that she would surely try lots of other actual Italian dishes that would be much better. She did not take the news well. Being raised in a family with Italian grandparents ...

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Fattoria di Limone enters Massachusetts market with Berkshire Brewing Company partnership


Fattoria di Limone announces the availability of their Limoncello Original Liqueur in the state of Massachusetts. Fattoria di Limone Limoncello Original Liqueur is a lemon-flavored beverage made in small batches from regionally-sourced natural ingredients, mostly within New York State, following a classic Italian recipe. The company has partnered with KyMar Distillers in Charlottsville, NY to create 375 ml and 750 ml size varieties. These sizes, available at manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $18.99 and $23.99, respectively, will be distributed throughout the state by Berkshire Brewing Company of South Deerfield, MA. Flavored liqueurs such as limoncello are one of the fastest ...

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Taste of the North End a Huge Success!

Taste 9

Photos © Felix Cutillo The Annual Taste of the North End treated over 1,000 people to some of the best and finest cuisine from North End restaurants. “Taste of the North End benefited the North End Waterfront Health, continuing the tradition of the North End restaurant community supporting North End charities. Proceeds will support the variety of programs and services offered by the health center, as well as other neighborhood charities for children and elders. The Taste of the North End was founded by Donato and Nancy Frattaroli in 1993 as a benefit for Casa Monte Cassino. The Frattarolis became aware of ...

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The Queen of Versatility: Torta salata with spinach, ricotta and sun-dried tomatoes

Torta salata (photo ©Francesca Bruzzese)

Even if you consider yourself to be well versed in Italian cuisine, you’re probably wondering what this week’s post is about. Is this some sort of side dish? A weird dessert? A quiche?! The torta salata isn’t a dish that most Americans would automatically identify as Italian. I’ve never seen it published as a recipe in any Italian cookbook in the States, and you will rarely find it on the menus of any Italian restaurants (not even in Italy). So what is this mysterious dish, then? In short, a torta salata, which can be literally translated as “savory cake” is ...

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Getting over Julia Child: Pici con ragù di salsiccia


On a plane ride to Rome a few years back, I took Julia Child’s “My Life in France” with me to read. It was one of those books that was so good that it made the trip go by much faster, and for this I was grateful. I was however shocked when I arrived at Julia’s assessment of Italian food, contained in a few sentences a little over halfway through the book. Julia, the queen of French cuisine, had traveled to Italy, where she deemed the sauces “boring” and the food too “simple,” declaring that “the food didn’t strike me ...

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Mozzarella in Carrozza: A Story about Nonno Jim

Mozzarella in carrozza

My Nonno Jim is one of the coolest people I know. Here’s why: When he was only 14 years old he immigrated to the U.S from Calabria, Italy. On April 12, 1936 he boarded a boat (called Il Conte di Savoia) departing from Naples, Italy, bound for New York City. The plan was that his father, who was already living in the U.S, would meet him at Ellis Island and bring him to Providence, Rhode Island, where he had his own store that sold Italian products like tomatoes and cheese. My nonno had been working for his uncle, who was ...

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Eat supplì like the Romans do

Photo by ©Francesca Bruzzese

In my almost four years living in Italy, I have traveled the country quite a bit – Florence, Verona, Milan, Torino, Venice, Matera, Lake Como, Sardinia, Calabria, Pisa, Rieti, Tivoli, Urbino, Siena, Gaeta, and Orvieto are just a few of the cities I’ve been lucky enough to visit. Besides confirming my belief that Italy really is the most beautiful country in the world, my travels have also taught me a good deal about Italian cuisine. While I already knew that Italian food is across the board superb, I also realized that it is very regional — the dishes you find ...

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The comforting simplicity of occhio di bue


The bakeries in Italy have something special about them — a paradise of biscotti, cannoli, and tarts that lend themselves to various occasions.

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Valpolicella: The Land of Amarone Wine


After coming out of this crazy winter that we experienced I figured everyone has cabin fever and if you haven’t been able to travel somewhere yet, why not escape with our minds. What better place than to Italy? You can join me virtually on my recent trip to the wonderful city of Verona, in Italy’s northeastern region Veneto. I was invited by the Consortium of Valpolicella to explore the wine region and take part in the Anteprima Amarone event, which featured the release of the 2011 vintage of Amarone. I have lots more to share on my site Vino Travels, ...

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