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Professor Flavia Laviosa: Making Italian useful


Most of her life has been spent in front of an open book, first in college while studying foreign languages and literatures; then during her travels around Europe; then in Buffalo, N.Y.; and finally during a quarter century as an educator.

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Wellesley College Introduces Italian Language Courses


When: Course 101, June 2- June 27 (Monday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) Course 102, June 30 – July 25 (Monday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) Where: Wellesley College The courses offer an introduction to Italy and its culture and focus on the development of basic language skills through the study of grammar, conversation, viewing of films, listening to songs, reading and writing. Instructor: Serena Grattarola To enroll, contact the Registrar’s Office (781-283-2307 or registrar@wellesley.edu For more information, contact Serena Grattarola (413-896-5337).

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Revere High School Celebrates National Italian Honor Society Induction Ceremony


On May 1, Revere High School celebrated its 9th annual National Italian Honor Society Induction Ceremony. The evening consisted of a formal instatement into the society as new members recited an oath vowing to promote a deeper understanding of Italian language and culture. Students also performed the Tarantella, read various poems by Italian poets, and even sang a cover of Laura Pausini’s “Benvenuto”. The ceremony was attended by many proud family members and friends, in attendance also were Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Dakin and Assistant Superintendent Mr. Christopher Malone, Director of the Foreign Language/ELL Department Albert Mogavero, Revere Mayor ...

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Podcast Episode 8: Tra i Vini del Sud Italia a Boston e i Tragitti per le Cantine del Massachusetts

Wines from Sicily

Episode 8 of Corrieretandem's Italian language podcast takes us on a tour of Southern Italian wines, with the help of two local Italian experts.

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Podcast Episode 7: Babbo Natale dai bambini italiani


ASCOLTA IL NUOVO EPISODIO: LE MAMME-INSEGNANTI CI SPIEGANO  “C’era una volta Brookline”. E NEL VIDEO (DOPO IL TRANSCRIPT) LA VISITA DI BABBO NATALE ALLA LUCE DELLA LUNA INCANTA I BAMBINI.   TRANSCRIPT Ciao a tutti e BENVENUTI A BOSTON, nella settimana di Natale, nel nostro podcast del Corrieretandem non potevamo non parlare di quello che succede durante le feste di fine anno. È un episodio, questo, in versione ridotta, per augurare a tutti voi ascoltatori un felice anno nuovo da tutta la redazione del nostro magazine, la voce italiana nella capitale del Massachusetts. Nel video allegato al podcast (qui sopra), potete ...

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Podcast Episode 6: La Boston Moderna di Copley Square


Salve a tutti da Benvenuti a Boston, il podcast del Corrieretandem.info. Il magazine della voce italiana nella capitale del Massachusetts.

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Italian with Sabrina – Teaching is Her Passion


Want to learn Italian? Whom better to learn from than a native speaker with a passion for teaching and a love for Italy. Sabrina Amadei has been teaching Italian for thirty years and has her own Italian language school in Winchester, Massachusetts. Sabrina grew up in Verona, Italy. She started her career in teaching when, at age 14, she taught ballet to thirty children three times a week during the summer. At the end of the summer, she organized a performance for her students. Attended by the parents, the well-received show included photographers, musicians to play during the intermission, and ...

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Italian Speakers Quickly Fading From U.S. Language Map


Article submitted by Enrico Costa (@enricosta) In Massachusetts, 40,000 people communicate in Italian in their everyday life, according to the 2011 American Community Survey. Overall, density of Italian speakers is high in the Northeast region, as our interactive map shows. The Bay State ranks fifth in the country at 0.64 percent. Leading the charge is Connecticut: 1.06 percent of its whole population speaks Italian at home. New York outnumbers all States having almost 190,000 of Italian speakers. Click on each state to explore numbers and percentages: By looking at the absolute numbers, it turns out that many Italian speakers live ...

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Podcast Episode 5: A Faneuil Hall tour with an Italian guide

Faneuil Hall (photo by < ahref="https://www.flickr.com/photos/zoonabar/154341720/in/photostream/">Chris Brown)

Click the link below to listen to the podcast: Guida a Faneuill Hall Transcript Oggi ci fermiamo su una tappa molto importante del Freedom Trail, il sentiero della libertà di cui abbiamo parlato nella nostra prima puntata di BENVENUTI A BOSTON… ma che non mancheremo di riparlare in dettagli, anche in prossimi episodi. Oggi però ci fermiamo sulla culla della libertà, FANEUIL HALL. E siamo andati ad incontrare Francesca, che ci farà da guida con il sottofondo degli artisti di strada. FANEUIL HALL è stata considerata dal Forbes Traveler come uno dei più importanti siti turistici visitati in America. Siamo ...

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Podcast Episode 4: Visiting the Museum of Fine Arts

Photograph © Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

In the fourth installment of Corrieretandem's Italian language podcast, Emanuele Capoano interviews Martha Clawson and Karen Frascona of Boston's Museum of Fine Arts.

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Italian language activist Gioconda Motta


“When we lived in Melrose in the mid 1970s, my eldest daughter used to bring pizza to school for lunch. For her, having grown up in an Italian household, it was the most normal thing in the world. At some point however she started to come home and say they were making fun of her, therefore she didn’t want pizza anymore. Yes, discrimination was that strong! That is when I went to the principal and I said I want to start an afternoon enrichment program — in Italian. After a couple of years, we had 30 children and families were ...

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C.A.S.IT. Launches First Innovative Italian Summer Camp


The Centro Attività Scolastiche Italiane (C.A.S.IT.) launched its first Innovative Italian Summer Camp program on Monday, July 8. “I still can’t believe we managed to make this happen,” said Camp Director Maria Gioconda Motta, founder of C.A.S.IT. and one of several volunteers working at the camp. The program includes both indoor and outdoor games and activities, with 19 children participating the first week of camp and another 12 coming in the second week. The camp takes place at the North End’s Eliot School, thanks to the principal Traci Griffith, who opened the school doors for the camp.

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