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Pirandello Lyceum recognizes I Migliori

migliori2016On April 9, the Pirandello Lyceum held its annual “I Migliori in Mens et Gesta” awards ceremony at the Hilton Hotel in East Boston. For 31 years, the Pirandello has been recognizing the best in mind and deeds in the community.

This year’s awardees included high-tech entrepreneur Charles Centore, who has grown his own electronic components company into a major player in manufacturing solid state relay assemblies; Antonio Cillo, who received the award for spreading Italian culture over 50 years of activity with his travel agency; businessman Angelo Ivo Cubi, founder and president of Cumar, the largest marble import, fabrication and installation company in New England; Professor Baldassare Di Bartolo, who has been teaching physics at Boston College for almost 50 years; Rep. Adrian Madaro, of East Boston, the youngest state representative in the State House; Stephen P. Tocco, president and CEO of consulting firm ML Strategies; and Donald McGowan, who received the President’s Award from Rosario Cascio for his appreciation of Italian culture and his involvement in Italian affairs.

The Pirandello’s annual gala event also serves as a fundraiser for several scholarships handed out to worthy high school students. A ceremony for the scholarship recipients was held on May 15.

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