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Juventus not just a soccer club

Ciao, calcio fans! I must confess that this month’s article holds a very special place in my calcio-loving heart. I admit that I am a devoted Azzurri fan, but a very loyal Juventina.

Like you, calcio brings me great joy. My passion for this beautiful game drives me to tell your stories regardless of allegiance.

A notable international symbol of Italian sporting greatness, Juventus has had an amazing year! The current Scudetto champions, they are a club filled with international stars and supporters globally.

In Boston, the Juventus Club keeps the spirit of i banconieri alive with local passion and a connection to the goings-on of their favorite team.


I fondly recall my first conversation with Mr. Zagami, current president of the Juventus club of Boston. A jovial personality bursting with Italian pride and a distinct passion for Juventus, he beams with delight when speaking about this club. Mr. Zagami credits the enthusiasm and bliss of the club’s members and their strong bond to tradition that has united them.

The local Juventus Club of Boston began in 1995 and is affiliated with the home base of Torino. This club is a family-oriented group that is a champion of more than just this winning team. According to Mr. Zagami, they are brought together by their common devotion to Juventus, but more importantly family.

“We keep our traditions and allegiance to our soccer club. But this club is what keeps us connected to our homeland.”

Mr. Zagami relayed to me that a very special part of the Juventus Club of Boston’s mission is to contribute to the community. Three scholarships were awarded this year along with various philanthropic gifts to Italian relief funds and projects such as the Abruzzo Earthquake fund and La Festa della Republica. In addition, they are active participants in the Federazione Associazioni Italiane & Italo Americane of New England.


In keeping with their goal to assist the local and Italian community abroad, the Juventus club hosts an annual banquet that topped 450 guests this year with special guest Sergio Brio. As Mr. Zagami noted, “we are not just a soccer club, but we work to bring Italians together.”

The club has an active board that works as a team to accomplish various goals. Not merely soccer devotees, they are a Juventus family who cooks together and keeps their love of sport and family alive through weekly and monthly meetings and events.

Located in Revere, the Juventus Club of Boston is open to new members who share their passion for Juventus, but more importantly to Italian culture and the love of family. A growing roster that currently stands at 85, including nearly 30 women, members are encouraged to be involved in making decisions and participate in the club’s activities. Mr. Zagami mentioned that the club also sponsors an over-50 soccer team that is part of the Over the Hill Soccer League.

During our discussion, Mr. Zagami made it clear that the love of this team is only one part of the club. It’s an inspiring point of connection, but the true bond comes alive in keeping Italian culture in front and bringing the Juventus family in Boston together.

The pride that is exuded through soccer and its connection to Italian culture is a vibrant feature of the Juventus Club of Boston. Respected members of the Italian-American community in the Massachusetts area, their doors are open to Juventus supporters who share their passion and adoration for not only Juventus, but for Italian family and culture in general.

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Lauren is a Boston area college instructor of Political Science, researcher and writer. Her work focuses on Fascism, examining both its historic trends and current resurgences. In a recently published article, Lauren explores the Battle for Births pronatalist campaign in Fascist Italy, in which she uncovers a piece of her family’s history. Lauren is interested in all aspects of Italian customs as well as the political, cultural and social ways of life. She enjoys learning about and experiencing her personal connections to Italian culture through music, food, the arts, sports and other traditions. Lauren is a first generation Italian-American with roots in the Abruzzo region. She is passionate about educating and informing others of the many facets of Italian heritage. Learn more about Lauren’s work by visiting her blog: laureneforcucci.blogspot.com/

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  1. Ciao! I’m Gloria, I’m Italian and I’m here in Boston for a vacation. I love soccer, I love Juventus and I’m looking for a place to watch the champions league final next Saturday. Can you help me?? Grazie