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Sicilian-based Leaves of the Tree at Massachusetts Film Festival

When: Friday, August 28 at 12:15 p.m.

Where: Brattle Street Theater, Cambridge MA

leaves-of-the-treeThe award-winning film, LEAVES OF THE TREE, will screen at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival on Friday, August 28 at 12:15pm at the Brattle Street Theater in Cambridge. The film stars Eric Roberts, Sean Young, Federico Castelluccio and Armand Assante. The film is based on the book “Kindness for the Damned: A Novella of Intrigue, Romance and Redemption in Sicily” by Lexington High School Class of 1978 graduate David Healey.

Winner in past film festivals of Best Dramatic Feature, Best Screenplay, Best Family Film, Best Actor and Best Cinematography, selling out shows in Houston and Manhattan, called “scenery porn” by the Hollywood Reporter, and given rave reviews by media outlets, this is the only scheduled screening in the Boston area. Called a cross between “DaVinci Code” and “Lorenzo’s Oil”, it is about a dying man searching for the truth behind a mystical tree in remote Sicily said to have miraculous healing powers. The movie was filmed for 18 days in Mr. Healey’s mother’s hometown in northwest Sicily.

The movie was recently given its European Premiere by Project Hologramme, a joint project of the Italian, Tunisian and EU governments, at an ancient greek temple where several scenes were shot (photo included), in which Mr. and Mrs. Healey and their daughters, as well as many members of his mother’s extended family participated (photo included). The film will be given a special screening by the prestigious Sarajevo International Film Festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia on August 19, 2015, to be followed by two other showings in Europe, one in Croatia on August 23 and another in Italy on September 3. Other U.S. screenings are currently scheduled for Cleveland, Ohio on August 29 and Jersey City, N.J. on September 25.

LEAVES OF THE TREE was shot in and around the town of Castellammare del Golfo, including the Castle of Erice and the Temple and Amphitheater at Segesta, and features beautiful locations with ruins, harbors, churches, olive groves, and villages. The film is a compelling story of family and faith, rated PG. Also starring are Kresh Novakovic, Marisa Brown, introducing Sarah Sebastiana, with Patrick Gorman, Ozman Sirgood, Gaetano Sciortino, Colin Walker, Tyler Hollinger, and Sewell Whitney.

“Leaves of the Tree” is the feature directorial debut of Ante Novakovic, derived from award winning screenplays by Executive Producer/Lead Producer David Healey and on Healey’s book “Kindness for the Damned: Intrigue, Love, and Redemption in Sicily.” Presented by Gogi Productions LLC in association with CICI Films, also executive produced by Mrs. Healey and Marc Jacobson, and produced by Donna McKenna, Joanna Lu, Perla Montemayor, Ante Novakovic, and Kresh Novakovic and co-produced by Claudio Colomba. Casting was by Donna McKenna and locations by Joanna Lu. Mr. Healey and Director Ante Novakovic co-wrote the award-winning screenplay.

www.LeavesOfTheTreeTheMovie.com (Official Website)



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