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Italian Wine Specialist® Comes to Boston

When: September 21 & 22, October 5 & 6, 2013 – 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with breaks
Exam: October 20, 2013

nasa-logoWhere: La Morra Restaurant, 48 Boylston Street, Brookline, MA 02445

Price: $650 [Click here to reserve your spot]

Italy is currently the #1 wine exporting and producing country in the world, as well as the most imported country in the USA. Anyone in the wine industry and any wine aficionado cannot ignore this focal wine country. This course will be extremely beneficial to both wine industry professional (servers, Sommeliers, sales reps, educators) and wine enthusiasts, who are interested in the ever-growing vast and opportunity-packed world of Italian wine.

Italian wine specialist in Boston

Photo courtesy of Jorge Lorte


The North American Sommelier Association is proud to present the 1st “Italian Wine Specialist®” certification program recognized throughout the world and endorsed by the WSA (Worldwide Sommelier Association) as well as the AIS (Italian Sommelier Association).

The course was designed exclusively by NASA and extracted from the full Sommelier course of the Italian Sommelier Association, recognizes as the leading global educational and consulting authority on Italian wines and key member of the WSA.

The teachers are all native Italian certified Sommeliers and professional educators & consultants, as well as being NASA members. They are amongst the highest authorities on Italian wine education in the United States. Teachers are hand picked to be native to the regions they teach, giving you first hand knowledge and extra details you will not get from any book or non-native.

The course consists of 24 hours (4 days) of class time and tasting, with a final written exam (5th day) required to achieve the certificate, issued by the North American Sommelier Association and recognized internationally by the Worldwide Sommelier Association. This class will deeply & truly explore all 20 wine regions of Italy, their wine laws, regulations, grape varietals, traditions, trends, history, typicality as well as key characteristics and will include a brief overview of cuisine and culture.

A portion of the course will be dedicated to the exclusive and advanced AIS ‘technical wine-tasting technique’ for which NASA/AIS are internationally renowned. This is the most comprehensive and practical patented wine-tasting method throughout the world.

The enrollment includes the following material that will be delivered on the first day of class:

– “Wine Tasting” Published by Associazione Italiana Sommelier, Italy
– “An overview of Italian wine” coursebook (published by NASA)
– Promotional NASA membership for the current year
– Tasting of over 30 quality wines from all regions of Italy

It requires no previous wine knowledge, although a minimum wine-culture and experience base is strongly recommended.

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