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Rossetti’s: The chic corner of Lynn

Rosetti's1“Our job here at Rossetti’s is to make sure that all guests are treated like kings and queens,” states Chris Rossetti, the youngest partner of the new family-run eatery, situated in downtown Lynn. With superior hospitality, a classic Italian menu with a modern twist, and a posh, yet comfortable atmosphere, guests are certainly treated as such. In fact, frequent diners suggest that Rossetti Restaurant is the epitome of the North Shore dining scene, and has contributed to the revitalization of Lynn’s city center. On the corner of Sutton and Liberty St., Rossetti’s industrial chic interior, complete with a craft cocktail bar, sensual acoustics, and artisanal Italian cuisine is simply “the place to be.”

But the restaurant industry is hardly new to the Rossetti clan. With roots in Mirabella, Italy, a small paese on the outskirts of Avellino, Steven and Bobby Rossetti knew what it was like to grow up in a typical Italian American household, in which Sunday dinners were rudimentary, and homemade foods were a must. In 1976, with a keen business sense and passion for their family recipes, the Rossetti brothers began selling homemade sausages right from their home on Dale St. in Revere. By 1979, the duo purchased their first family run location on Park Ave, selling the same very product, as well as sandwiches and homemade meals to go. But after 25 years of successful business and children to raise, Steven and Bobby decided to try their hand in other ventures.

But it wasn’t long before the two came back together to open their first full dining location, the 38-seat Café Rossetti’s on the Winthrop waterfront. Within a short time, the café became the neighborhood favorite, indeed, becoming the cozy spot “where people meet to eat.” With confidence in their product, and tested family recipes, the brothers soared to success, and for five consecutive years, Travel and Leisure Magazine ranked Cafe Rossetti as one of America’s top BYOB restaurants.

Bobby’s son Chris had always aspired to follow in his father’s footsteps, as he, too, had a passion for food and hospitality. He followed his father’s advice, not only by receiving culinary degrees from Johnson and Wales University, but by obtaining hands-on experience working as a server and manager in some of Boston’s most highly acclaimed restaurants. Both Bobby and Steven recognized Chris’s sharp eye for detail, and his versatility in blending classic Italian dishes with new flavor, and thus, proposed a partnership between the three of them. In November of 2013, the trio opened Rossetti Restaurant, the sister restaurant to Café Rossetti.


Every item on the menu reflects the artistry of each Rossetti respectively. Chris presented me with several of his favorite menu selections. I first sampled an appetizer whose colorful spread was almost too pretty to eat. Parma prosciutto laced in between mounds of creamy burrata mozzarella, layered with both heirloom and chilled stewed tomatoes, was drizzled with a sweet balsamic reduction and a basil infused oil. The stewed tomatoes added an extra layer of flavors for the palette, and set it apart from any other caprese dish I had ever had. Next was the house made ricotta gnocchi, which were coated with an appropriate amount of tomato basil sauce, which had a hint of delightful sweetness from Marsala wine. They were expertly prepared, with each bite melt-in-your-mouth light. With a sip of Rossetti’s infused pistachio liquor to cleanse my palette, my appetite was fully satisfied.

Rossetti Restaurant has reached unprecedented success within its first few years of operation, in part, due to the Rossetti’s attention to even the smallest details, in not only their food preparations, but in their hospitality. In Chris’s own words, “we are never going to reach perfection, but we always have to strive for it.”

Whether you’re a local searching for authentic fare, or visiting the city at one of its many venues, dining at Rossetti’s would only enhance your evening.

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