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Umbrian Easter

Chef Lorena Autuori from Italian Cooking School
“Percorsi con Gusto” is back in Boston!

When: Sunday, March 31, 2013 at 1PM
Where: Filippo’s Ristorante, 283 Causeway Street, Boston’s North End

lorena autuori

Following the successful events of last Christmas – including cooking lessons and a typical Umbrian dinner at Olive’s with Todd English – and after many request from the Boston community, Lorena is finally back in the city to share her magic in the kitchen.

As Boston is home to many authentic Italian Chefs, it is only fitting that Chef Fillippo Frattaroli, owner of Filippo’s Ristorante in Boston’s North End, welcomes Lorena Autuori, from San Gemini, Umbria, on Easter Sunday.
Lorena will prepare an authentic Umbrian Easter Lunch. Entertainment will be provided by Frank Zarba.

Sunday March, 31, 2013 enjoy a traditional Easter Umbrian Lunch.
Courses include:
Easter omelet (omelet with sage, marjoram, basil, parsley, zucchini)
White lasagna (lasagna with asparagus, zucchini, mozzarella cheese and besciamella sauce)
Lamb with artichokes (artichokes with eggs, lemon juice, parsley, parmesan cheese, pepper, olive oil, mint)
Crescionda cake (amaretti biscuits, dry biscuit, oro saiwa, eggs, cocoa , flour)

$55 per person includes wine. Held at Filippo’s Ristorante, 283 Causeway Street, Boston, (North End) 1PM promptly.

About Lorena: Lorena Autuori is an Italian born and raised in Salerno, Italy. After meeting her American husband almost 30 years ago and having children; Lorena and Greg moved their family to San Gemini. San Gemini is 40 minutes north of Rome, nestled into the beautiful Umbrian countryside. There, Lorena would gradually discover that she was a chef at heart – and she slowly began to build a business as a Chef and Cooking Teacher to tourists who arrive each Spring and Summer. Though there is not nearly the touristic trade in San Gemini as there is in Florence or Tuscany, there is a consistent flow of visitors to the beautiful towns and Villas that are secretly tucked away in this historic village. Lorena continued to learn – and joined the culinary academy ALMA run by chef Gualtiero Marchesi. Lorena, naturally, is a proficient chef. With the professional training, her dishes and recipes only got better – and she learned to teach her students from being taught so well.

For more information and to register please contact Abby Gray abby@oliviabrowning.com

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