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Campaign to Support AP Language in New England Launched

The Italian Consulate in Boston and COMITES are seeking support in a joint effort to expand the offering of AP-level courses in Italian language and culture in high schools throughout New England.

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AP (or Advanced Placement) are courses that reward students and schools that offer more advanced programs in Italian and allow students to earn college credits while in high school. Students who successfully pass an AP class in Italian and 2 more in a different discipline can also enroll in Italian universities without further evidence of language skills.

Why are AP Classes important? After a few years without AP classes in Italian, the efforts of local schools and teachers, along with the Consulate and COMITES, have brought AP classed back to New England. This is a great result as it strengthen the knowledge of Italian language and culture in the United States and forges new bridges between Italy and the United States, which can lead to business, tourism and a general appreciation for Italy.

What is the fundraising goal?
Our goal is to raise $10,000 by January 31, 2016 so that any donated fund can be used to support the teaching of AP-level Italian in the spring of 2016.

Where does the money go? Any donated money is collected by COMITES and then, in agreement with the Italian Consulate, will be used to advance any of the following three goals:

Direct support for public and private schoolsthat plan to activate AP-level classes but lack the funding to do so. These are schools in which Italian is already taught and where students have shown interest in AP-level classes but that lack the funds to activate them. Donated funds will go to pay for the extra hours of teaching needed to complete the AP preparation;

Scholarships to be awarded to students enrolled in schools that offer AP classes but who cannot afford the AP exam. The goal is to remove any financial barrier for individual students who, if it wasn’t for the exam fee, would take the AP exam.

Scholarships for students enrolled in schools that do not offer AP classes but who are interested (and capable) of completing AP classes. These scholarships will allow student to enroll in AP-preparation classes that are offered online.

For more information:
https://apcentral.collegeboard.com/apc/public/courses/teachers_corner/28458.html (In English)
https://usicboston.it/l-ap-program.html (in Italian)
Contacts – Andrea Boggio, Chair of the Italian Education and Language Committee, Com.It.Es – aboggioa@gmail.com

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