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Consulate Scholastic Office Launches Italian Language App

Domenico Savio Teker

Domenico Savio Teker

Just a few months ago, Domenico Savio Teker, took the reins as the new Director of the Scholastic Office of the Consulate General of Italy in Boston.

We have had the pleasure of meeting him quite a few times during events held by the Consulate and at the many projects and initiatives tied to Italian language and culture in and around Boston. Today we have a great opportunity to chat with the Professor, curious about one of his latest School initiatives and much more.

Good afternoon and welcome to Boston

Many thanks…

What are we talking about today?

Today we are talking about a new app for iPhone and android users launched by the Scholastic Office at the Consulate General of Italy in Boston. We have been working on it for the last few months and we can now announce that it is finally up and running. For the last couple of weeks it has been available for free download from the iPhone App Store and the Android Google Store. As of today, the app has already been downloaded 150 times.

What is the app all about?

In agreement with C.A.S.IT we are working to strengthen the community formed by the many Italian language teachers and all the folks interested in our language. We have a rather large contingent of Italian teachers in American schools, associations that support them (MITA, AATI, RITI …) and associations that together with PILC offer lessons for both children and adults. What we needed was a flexible and “modern” tool that could bring all of these realities together to shed light on the educational world and on the great potential for the many professionals that love the Italian language. That’s how the app was born. Our audience, therefore, is not only made up of the many educators that teach in schools and universities in New England but also their students and all of the families out there that have some knowledge of the Italian language.

What can one do with the new Scholastic Office app?

The app allows the user to easily follow and read up on news and events that are of interest to the world of education, many times coming from schools themselves. A calendar with all of the appointments for the month will be available for viewing and by clicking the RadioTEACH icon the user will be able to listen to the newborn podcast TUTTINCLASSE!, the biweekly recording of school related news with parts especially designed for students who are just becoming acquainted with the Italian language. Furthermore, you will also be able to comfortably read Il Corrieretandem right on your cell phone.

Excellent. Seems as though the app will mostly be in Italian. Are you thinking about creating an English version as well?

For all school related news in English we already have www.usicboston.it, which has a special page dedicated for English users. For the app on the other hand, although it does contain some news in English, we want to keep the use of Italian constant, even if at times using simpler terminology, to keep in line with the work of the many educators that teach the Italian language. All the while we want to offer, to whoever wants to maintain or improve their knowledge of our language, an additional tool one can practice with.

How does one download the app?

Iphone owners will want to type “ufficio scolastico Boston” into the App Store, while android users will do the same but in the Google Store instead. More detailed information can be found on our website www.usicboston.it.

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