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French-American School of Rhode Island Eyeing Italian Track for 2015

Image courtesy FASRI

Image courtesy FASRI

The French-American School of Rhode Island (FASRI), has seen a year of great change with a new Head of — Jean Yves Carpanèse — and will continue to see change with three new programs that were approved by FASRI’s Board of Trustees on December 10.

In 2015 FASRI will offer a Late Immersion Program for non-French speaking students in grades 1-5, an International Program for middle school students with no prior knowledge of the French language and an Italian Language Program for children entering pre-school through kindergarten.

FASRI accepted non-French speaking students only through kindergarten level in the past, and hopes that the Late Immersion Program will allow the school to increase its enrollment and offer dual-language learning to more families in the area. Jean-Yves Carpanèse, has already launched successful late immersion programs at other French schools and is excited to start one at FASRI. The new students will attend a dedicated class with a certified teacher trained in French as a foreign language. The accelerated, highly-specialized French experience will integrate all subjects–math, science, art and history–in French.

The International Program in the FASRI Middle School will offer intensive language instruction to students entering the sixth through the eighth grade with no prior knowledge of French. Students will be able to attend regular FASRI classes for English, math and science, but will take an intensive foreign language class taught by a specialist in teaching French at the middle school level. Both the Late Immersion and the International Program will incorporate the FASRI approach to using language as a vehicle or medium for learning rather than a separate subject matter.

Monsieur Carpanèse has also been working closely with the Italian Consulate-General in Boston to develop an Italian Immersion Program at FASRI for preschool through kindergarten students. Italian has an important place in the cultural heritage of the Ocean State but it is also an important modern language spoken by 59 million people in the EU, and also in Africa and immigrant communities across the Americas and Australia. Students enrolling in this program will be exposed to French as well and will benefit from FASRI’s experience in multi-language education.

FASRI hopes to enhance the multicultural community at their school while shifting the school’s approach to multi-language learning and global education.

For more information please contact Louise Jakobson, 401-274-3325 or ljakobson@fasri.org.


The French-American School of Rhode Island (FASRI) is an independent school offering a unique, multi-language curriculum for preschool through eighth grade. Founded in 1994, FASRI is accredited by the French Ministry of Education, NEASC and the Rhode Island Board of Education.

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