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Revere High School Celebrates National Italian Honor Society Induction Ceremony

On May 1, Revere High School celebrated its 9th annual National Italian Honor Society Induction Ceremony.

The evening consisted of a formal instatement into the society as new members recited an oath vowing to promote a deeper understanding of Italian language and culture. Students also performed the Tarantella, read various poems by Italian poets, and even sang a cover of Laura Pausini’s “Benvenuto”.


The ceremony was attended by many proud family members and friends, in attendance also were Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Dakin and Assistant Superintendent Mr. Christopher Malone, Director of the Foreign Language/ELL Department Albert Mogavero, Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo, as well as some of Revere’s elected officials: City Councilor Steven Morabito, School Committee members Michael Ferrante, Donna Wood Pruitt, Stacey Rizzo and Carol Tye.

La Società Onoraria Italica” is a national organization whose goal is to recognize students who have achieved excellence in the study of Italian and to encourage a greater appreciation for Italian Culture. The Revere High School section of this organization was established by Italian teachers Joanne Lapolla and Antonietta Fierro-Tucker.

The chapter, named after Filippo Mazzei, has adopted the motto “Sempre Avanti”, a saying that is epitomized by Revere Italian Honor Society members as they strive to further advance the Italian culture within the school, their city, and their lives.

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