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Italian American Heritage Month – Something to Celebrate

CorrieretandemMarch2013cvrThis month is Italian American Heritage Month and as always there will be many events, programs, and celebrations in Boston, including a Columbus Day parade.

In all of this it might be easy to miss a very vital contribution of Italian American heritage, one that is literally staring you in the face. I refer to Bosontiano itself, both the magazine and the website. The website began in 2011, followed by the magazine in 2013. Both have already become important local icons of Italian American heritage, just as both mark the continuity of that heritage through the lives, stories, and announcements that grace the online and print pages.

The Boston area has always (well, almost) had Italian inhabitants. What it has not had is a publication that could put the various Italian and Italian American communities in contact with one another, while at the same time linking them with Italian Americans in other parts of the country. In addition, Corrieretandem helps to renew the ties between Italian Americans and Italians in Italy. We have Nic Orichuia to thank for this. His effort and accomplishment are nothing short of astounding.

It is far too easy to take this accomplishment for granted, and to miss the significance of it for the continuity of an Italian American and Italian presence in the United States. Corrieretandem matters… a lot. It is a vital part of Italian heritage, and something to celebrate this month.

Corrieretandem states that “We will continue to celebrate the Italian side of the Greater Boston area in all of its glory, and our magazine will expand that reach to embrace the nation and the world.”

So there is a lot more to come…

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