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Educator and Creator Mary Capozzi Delivers Lifestyle Lessons

Mary Capozzi

Mary Capozzi

Sometimes fashion means more than glitz, clothes, trends and runways. Sometimes fashion embodies the balance between health and beauty, the dance among food, imagination and inner happiness and the art of living well. I was thrilled by the story of Italian-American creator and educator Mary Capozzi who certainly knows how to be stylish.

Through decorating exquisite crafts, contributing beauty products into a unique and vintage style, and developing a creative and colorful cuisine, Capozzi’s mission in life is to educate and inspire people on living well. With her vibrant and entertaining ways, she encourages others to be embraced by the simple and beautiful essence of life.

The place where it all comes to life is her dynamic and elegant website “Miss Capozzi.”

“It’s always been a passion of mine to create, to educate,” she says. “Coming from a culture heavily weighted on food and passion, I just wanted to materialize it by cooking and creating on my own. My activity evolved into cooking parties, dinner parties with friends and then it materialized into a website.”

Capozzi’s website displays her rare and distinct vision for a creative life. This perspective has spurred her to innovate and create unique products inspired by her ideas.

Being an Italian-American and sharing a special bond with family that resides in Italy, she says her heritage is one of the many things inspiring her. This is one of the reasons she decided to contribute her last name to the website. “I am proud of my heritage so I wanted to involve Capozzi in this somehow.”

“The name of my website is Miss Capozzi, and I’d like it to stand for education.” Teaching math at a private school for girls and hearing “Miss Capozzi” multiple times from multiple students inspired the name.

“My website captures who I am at best. I consider myself a guide to great living with an Italian flare,” she says. Some of her specialties include food and entertaining, all rooted Italian traditions. Having grown up in southern Italy (Santa Croce del Sagno, a province of Benevento), her cooking is certainly influenced by her upbringing.

“The Italian culture is creating and celebrating food and sharing it with other people,” she says. “You might never catch me saying the words ‘I love you,’ but you might catch me making you a pizza — that would trump the ‘I love you’ anytime. You’re making it with your hands and you emerge yourself into the experience, so I think that’s a powerful way to show my love and care for others.”

Another of Capozzi’s specialties is crafts and creations. “I am obsessed with mason jars because I can do anything from preserving to food canning. It just brings a little bit of vintage into this world. I use mason jars for décor, which is another passion of mine. I love French Country and anything with flowers, ruffles and bows,” she adds.

For Capozzi, presentation is important, especially when it comes to food. It all depends on how you present it and the way the seasoning is used. “Simplicity — the “less is more” philosophy — is a vital factor. I love food style because I can capture it and get to relive that moment again.”

Owning a certificate in Holistic Health Counseling, Capozzi provides eating and aging well advices and certainly knows various techniques on how to heal holistically and naturally. “I have done a few events on how to fuse beauty and food together,” se says. To prove it, one can go down the list of creative smoothies she has made up: Berry Booster Smoothie, The Purple Healer, Berry Chia Pudding, Refreshing Citrus Smoothie, Skin Soother Smoothie. Also on the list are tonics such us Hydrating Tonic, Energy Tonic, and Golden Glow Tonic.

In addition to all of this, Capozzi also makes her own face scrubs, body scents, body scrubs, scented bath salts and beauty jars — all popular items for baby showers and wedding showers. She inserts little beauty, skincare, makeup products in the jars. At a 2013 Christmas fair, Capozzi made and sold 300 jars of nuts, peels and beauty products. She is also known for making jars called “Memories in a jar” and “Bouquet in a jar.”

“I preserve flowers and I try to capture memories and emotions. My grandmother, Nonna Maria, is one of my biggest inspirations. At her funeral we all took a rose, so I preserved it in a jar by adding canola oil and food color to give it that yellow vintage look.”

Inspired by the Italian and French Country style, her ultimate goal is to educate, consult, decorate and cook. Between creating and styling products, Capozzi’s activity never stops. “I want to promote aging well because I don’t think that there is anything “anti” in terms of aging. If anything, you accumulate layers of experience and with that should come wisdom,” she explains. “To me beauty doesn’t exist if it’s not a marriage between the inside and the outside. Feeling good and healthy inside makes you feel sexy and beautiful on the outside.”

Capozzi is known for giving smart beauty advices and for being able to wear and inspire happiness. “A swipe of lipstick is always feminine and bright,” she says. “Use products that will make you happy and make your bold become beautiful. You need a touch of elegance and creativity.”

She has developed a great relationship with the Italian community in Boston. “It’s actually thanks to the Corrieretandem Magazine that I became aware of “Donne Duemila” association. I saw their picture on the March Issue, I called them right away because I knew that I wanted to be a part of it and they invited me for coffee at “Caffe Vittoria” and ever since I go every weekend.”

A true sense of belonging inspired the creation of Capozzi’s website. “I am always looking to reconnect with people and things I left behind. Every time I go to Italy I always leave a piece of me behind and I always bring back a piece of Italy with me.”

For more, visit https://www.misscapozzi.com/

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