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Italians Take Their Superstitions Seriously


I remember my grandmother’s panicked reaction to my nearly knocking a large mirror from a wall as a child. It wasn’t the cleanup or the possible injury she feared from it shattering to the floor. It was the fate of her granddaughter, strapped with seven long years of bad luck that would ensue from a broken mirror. When it happened, my nana set the mirror aside, hugged me tight, wiped the nervous perspiration from her nose, and walked me to her kitchen to find something sweet to eat. I’ll never forget it. Italian culture is rich with superstitions, both good ...

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Foul Faux Pas, or… No Birds in the House!


Like most tales of woe, it started off innocent enough. My best friend Paul and I were lazily walking the holiday décor aisles of Target. We did that sometimes after dinner on a Friday night. We’d head to Walgreens or Target, peruse the dollar bins for knick-knacks and bargains, and pat ourselves on the back for treasure-hunting such amazing deals. If I’m being honest, we still do that today; we did it last week. But I digress. On the night in question we had grabbed a bite to eat at TGIFriday’s in Everett and had walked over to Target to ...

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“So … he’s a wizard?”


As soon as the words leave my mouth, I regret them. Not only because I realize how naïve I sound, but because a part of me is afraid of the answer.

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Mal’Occhio – The Evil Eye. Filmmaker Agata De Santis Presents Documentary in Boston


On Oct. 8 and 9, filmmaker Agata De Santis will present in Boston her latest documentary film, "Mal'occhio," trying to unfold the mysteries behind this ancient Italian superstitious belief.

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