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Pasta al Ragù Challenge at Dante Alighieri


Following the successful "Carbonara Night" event, the Consulate General of Italy presents a new challenge for the Italian student associations of the Boston area.

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MIT Oceanography Professor Paola Malanotte-Rizzoli

Paola Malanotte-Rizzoli

Sitting in Professor Paola Malanotte-Rizzoli’s office at MIT, I forget for a few minutes what I am there for. We are discussing her passion for opera, and how she almost pursued a career in the arts as a young girl. A moment later, though, with a seamless transition she starts talking about climate change, and all of a sudden, her down-to-earth, somehow reassuring central Italian accent switches to a more professional, almost Venetian tone: “Warming is unequivocal, global warming, that is!” It’s the sign that my personal chitchat with MIT oceanography professor Malanotte-Rizzoli is over and the actual interview has ...

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Laura Indolfi Wins MIT Descience Fashion Competition

Laura Indolfi and designer Carlos Villamil (right) with their winning design Cytocouture.

MIT’s Media Lab put up a one-of-a-kind fashion show in October. The runway competition Descience Fashion Show combined the creativity of designers with the vision of molecular biologists, neuroscientists, biomedical engineers, climatologists and scientists from a variety of disciplines. This year saw two Italians among the finalists. Italian biomaterial engineer Laura Indolfi won the competition with her project Cytocouture. Partnering with Colombian designer Carlos Villamil, the project brought to life Indolfi’s research on endothelial cells. “Dr. Indolfi studies how endothelial cells behave differently according to the structure they grow in and cling to,” said Villamil. The designer labeled his creation ...

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Comparing Start-Up Culture and Models at MIT


On Sept. 18, MIT’s Sloan School of Management was the stage for a unique seminar comparing startup environments and strategies in Italy and the United States. Organized by the Italian Consulate General in Boston and Professionisti Italiani a Boston, the event was moderated by Corriere della Sera journalist Maria Teresa Cometto and saw numerous local and international leaders in the world of entrepreneurship discuss the different models the two countries present. “Entrepreneurship is something you get better at with time,” said MIT Senior Lecturer Bill Aulet. Tim Rose, founder and CEO of the Cambridge Innovation Center, highlighted the importance of ...

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Neapolitan Youth Takes Part in Second Annual PIB Sailing Contest

PIB members at the organization's second annual sailing contest

For the second year in a row, Professionisti Italiani a Boston has partnered with Italian sailing powerhouse Mascalzone Latino to give teenagers from underprivileged neighborhoods in Naples the chance to sail on the Charles River. Guided by instructor Antonio Dell’Omo Beneduce, Salvatore Pistone and Laura Canzanella — both 13 — took part in several sailing events held by local schools Courageous Sailing Center, MIT Sailing Club and Community Boating. “It was the best experience of my life,” said Laura, who finished the competition with the best time. “This experience has taught me that if I really want something, I have ...

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MITaly Celebrates Italian Women in Science


The Italian students association at MIT, MITaly, recently organized an event to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of Italian women in science and technology.

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Andrea Bocelli Foundation & MIT Team Up for Workshop


The Andrea Bocelli Foundation and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston have co-organized a 1-day workshop in which names of international excellence in the fields of scientific and technological research and social impact will take part.

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200th Anniversary of Verdi’s Birth Celebrated by Cameristi della Scala at MIT


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) Kresge Auditorium was at the center of a unique Verdi-inspired performance on Monday, Oct. 7. Over 1,000 spectators took in the La Scala Chamber Orchestra’s (Cameristi della Scala) performance of “Fantasies from Verdi’s Operas”. The concert, presented by Eni and MIT, celebrated the renewal of the research collaboration which aims to achieve the key message: “Let’s give energy a new energy”. “Since 2008 we have been the largest partner of MIT for energy research,” Eni’s Chairman Giuseppe Recchi. “Our goal is to develop innovative solutions to address global energy needs and challenges by bringing ...

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Amici di Boston Tennis Tournament a Big Hit

Stefano Salimbeni and Maurizio Voi shake hands before the final.

The first edition of “Amici di Boston” tennis Tournament came to a close on Saturday, July 13, with a well-rounded 6-0 victory by Corrieretandem’s very own Stefano Salimbeni. Maurizio Voi conceded defeat in an all-italian final match played at the MIT tennis club in Cambridge. The organizers of the 8-player direct elimination challenge were also all Italian. The tournament was open to contenders of all nationalities. “It is a way to create a sense community,” said chief organizer Giuliano Rubini who, ran the show from the beginning and concluded by hosting a well attended award cerimony barbecue dinner by the ...

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Boston Visit Raises Hopes for More Discussion About L’Aquila Earthquake and Consequences


The following letter was sent to Rosetta Romagnoli, president of the Federazione Associazioni Abruzzesi U.S.A, from Barnaby Gunning, after visiting Boston in March, 2013, to raise awareness of the persisting problems in L’Aquila four years after the devastating earthquake that shattered the city center. Dear Rosetta, […]I am writing to thank you for having persisted so tenaciously in organizing for me and my family to visit Boston this March and for having made the visit such a success for us. Our stay in Boston and then New York was tremendously inspiring on a number of levels and, I hope, it ...

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Developing the Super-Battery: Riccardo Signorelli and FastCAP System


Signorelli is CEO of one of the leading companies in battery development.

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Italian MIT Professor Silvio Micali Wins Turing Award


Article originally published in MITnews. MIT professors Shafi Goldwasser and Silvio Micali have won the Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) A.M. Turing Award for their pioneering work in the fields of cryptography and complexity theory. The two developed new mechanisms for how information is encrypted and secured, work that is widely applicable today in communications protocols, Internet transactions and cloud computing. They also made fundamental advances in the theory of computational complexity, an area that focuses on classifying computational problems according to their inherent difficulty. Goldwasser and Micali were credited for “revolutionizing the science of cryptography” and developing the gold ...

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