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From one Palm to a whole grove: The story behind an 89-year-old two-family restaurant business

Guests enjoying a meal at The Palm in New York (photo courtesy The Palm Restaurant)

It’s hard to believe that a clerical error blossomed into one the biggest names in hospitality across the country. Legend has it that in 1926, just six years after arriving to New York from Parma, Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi wanted to register their Second Avenue restaurant after their hometown. Their heavy accents gave the cleric registering their business the impression they’d said “Palm.” And so, a legend — and The Palm — was born. The steakhouse’s success wasn’t determined by the name, however, but by the hard work and dedication of its founders. “I spent a lot of time ...

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Venice Biennale welcomes local artist Aldo Tambellini


This year’s Biennale arts festival in Venice will prominently feature Cambridge-based artist Aldo Tambellini. The 85-year-old Italian-American visionary will be featured in the Italian pavilion “Codice Italia,” curated by Vincenzo Trione. A pioneer in electromedia, Tambellini will be featured alongside fifteen other artists, whose work relates to three key themes of the Italian exhibition: genetic code, style and memory. For Tambellini’s section of the Pavilion, the artist worked with curators Pia Bolognesi and Giulio Bursi to develop an immersive environment, composed of archival materials. Through projections of painting on glass slides, or “lumagrams” — film and sound references to Tambellini’s ...

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DJ…Doctor… Professor of everything Italian!


“Dr. Rocco Mesiti is a wonderful example of an Italian American who has a strong commitment to sharing Italian heritage and culture.” As a written by “The Republican Newsroom” for his award recognition. Rocco a recipient of the The Italian Cultural Center of Western Mass, 2013 Serviam Award. However it is his role as Host of Dolce Vita Radio in Springfield, Massachusetts that has garnered him an invitation to the annual San Gennaro Feast in New York City. For the third year in a row Dolce Vita Radio has broadcasted live from New York’s Little Italy. Several guests participated in ...

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