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Mucci Imports Unearths Lesser Known Italian Wines

Nick Mucci

Nick Mucci

Mucci Imports, owned by Nick Mucci, is a Boston based Italian wine importer specializing in unique Italian varietals from producers he has hand picked throughout his travels from living in Italy and developing special relationships with the winemakers.

Mucci started the company in 2013, towards the end of the summer. When I first met him, he was introducing his wines to folks at Ball Square Fine Wines in Somerville and I was intrigued by his selections when I saw the announcement. Being an Italian wine blogger, I love the opportunity to try Italian wines, especially those that are unique to Italy and that are sometimes hard to find over here in the United States.

With Mucci being of Italian heritage — both Sicilian and Abruzzese — and growing up in an Italian household just outside Boston, the excitement of Italy and all things Italian has built up throughout his life. His Italian heritage is one of the reasons he wanted to live abroad for a period, moving to Italy for over three years.

Living in Italy and experiencing the Italian lifestyle turned into the driving force for what he is doing nowadays.

When Mucci moved over to Italy, he lived in Rome and taught English. After living two years in Italy’s capital, he enrolled in the MBA program of food and wine at the University of Bologna where he studied for a year. There he developed further relationships with professors and fellow students and designed his wine importing business plan.

While living abroad with his girlfriend, the couple would travel and get lost and come upon festivals — sagre — where he met not only wine producers, but also cheese and olive oil producers as well. To some degree, almost all his travel while living in Italy was food- and wine-related: Meeting various producers, the people and relationships he built, along with the welcoming spirit of the people, were some of the greatest satisfactions for Mucci. Everywhere he went, he was welcomed with open arms. Speaking the language and understanding the culture helped him relate to them.


But when Mucci would come back to Boston to visit family, he wouldn’t see in local restaurants or shops any of the wines that he was experiencing in Italy, creating even more a reason to start Mucci Imports.

Mucci Imports currently works with more than a dozen producers and imports from regions including Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, the Veneto, Tuscany, Abruzzo (where Mucci has cousins that make wine), Campania and Sicily. Originally, Mucci wanted to start with all Sicilian wines, since he has a lot of passion for the Southern Italian region. Most of the wineries Mucci works with are quite small. The wines he imports and sells are not what the masses are typically looking for. In educating his buyers and their customers he further hopes to make these wines more appreciated and known. That is what drives Mucci every day to promote the wines of Italy.

Mucci has focused his efforts on selling wine in and around the Boston area, where he grew up. You can find some of his wines at restaurants including Giulia‘s in Cambridge, Coppa in the South End and Pastoral Pizza in Fort Point. You can also ask for them in many local wine shops including Ball Square Fine Wines in Somerville, Social Wines in South Boston and Federal Wine & Spirits on State Street downtown.

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